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video submitter software

video submission software

Simple yet powerful video uploading solution...

The most used video uploader online in 2013/2014 for video webmasters looking for a software that can mass upload videos to their websites automatically.

Never manually upload a video again...

Our video application can mass upload MP4 HD videos or mass upload embed codes directly to your websites databases with over 30 scripts & PHP platforms supported.

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Welcome to VideoSWIPER The online video submission wizard...

Like many other video webmasters your probably uploading videos manually to your video scripts, your not alone because 77% of video webmasters are having to do the same, this takes up much of your day & is not productive. VideoSWIPER solves that problem by mass uploading videos to your video scripts without you having to manually upload any videos at all, it's a video submitter wizard with full automation for hands free uploading & connection to your website takes just 2 minutes & requires no coding or development knowledge as everything is handled through our simple to use API system.

video submitter software

Our fully automated video submission service has a growing list of fully supported API's, when you join VideoSWIPER you will find a ready developed API that has been custom coded for the script your using.

video application

One of the best ways to increase traffic & create a buzz around your websites is to make good use of videoswiper's multiple sites & accounts feature, add unlimited websites & unlimited user accounts.

youtube video upload software

You decide when your videos are published, setup nightly drip feeding automation for naturual organic growth while you sit back & simply chillax watching your video websites grow at a rate you never thought possible

video sscript support

We deliver videos to your servers using a simple to setup API system
which takes just minutes to install connecting you to over 1.5 billion videos...

Simple Method With a powerful backend to drive videos to your sites

The process is simple, once you have your videoswiper account simply add a custom made API file directly to your server where your website is located, next connect that site directly to the videoswiper sites account area, now your ready to search & use our vast database of videos & video search engines to mass submit videos directly to your website scripts using the semi or fully automated video submitters.

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VideoSWIPER The fully automated video submission software

Here is a quick overview of some of videoswiper's great funtionality. We truly believe we have the most powerful video grabber & video uploader online.

  • We have over 1.5 billion ready to use videos in our database

  • An additional 50 video search engines are included for full search

  • Mass upload 1000's of videos everyday without manual uploading

  • Bulk embed videos 1000's per hour using the multi-threaded system

  • Full youtube uploader, mass upload videos to your youtube channels

  • Meta editing tools allow you to change titles, descriptions & tags

  • Content spinning engine allows you to create unique valid content

  • Use the powerful widgets to swipe videos right into your account

  • Dedicated WHIZZ support team for technical & customer support 24/7

The Benefits Why our video submitter software is for you?

Every video webmaster running a video website needs videos, it's that simple but sometimes it's harder than you think to populate your websites with continuious videos on a daily basis. You might have a brand new site that needs videos fast or you may be running sites where your members just don't get engaged as much as they should be, we have been behind our video webmasters since 2008 & thats why we are confident that you need videoswiper to fully automate all your video uploading tasks. By using our video application we can guarantee you will blow your competition out of the water & have your sites heading for the top slots in Google's search results because using our video application daily will help improve ranking, the number of videos not only on your websites but also indexed in the search engines.

You could spend the next two hours online looking for a service like ours BUT! you won't find it so why not spend
the next two hours instead using your FREE trial with us, click below to get started!

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