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Join the biggest video submission service online & create huge video websites faster than you thought possible...

Stop uploading videos manually or waiting for members to add videos to your websites, we have a solution that will change the way you upload videos forever...

Mass upload unlimited videos to your websites monthly!

Massive database over 1.5 billion ready to use videos!

Fully automated set & forget technology for uploading!

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automated video uploader
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We are constantly adding to our huge list of supported video scripts & frameworks

Our fully automated video submission service has a growing list of fully supported API's, when you join VideoSWIPER you will find a ready developed API that has been custom coded for the script your using.

Unlimited video uploads every month to unlimited accounts & websites

One of the best ways to increase traffic & create a buzz around your websites is to make good use of videoswiper's multiple sites & accounts feature, add unlimited websites & unlimited user accounts.

Set & forget lightning fast drip feeding video submissions

You decide when your videos are published, setup nightly drip feeding automation for naturual organic growth while you sit back & simply chillax watching your video websites grow at a rate you never though possible

You could spend the next two hours online looking for a service like ours BUT! you won't find it so why not spend
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Connecting your website is as easy as ABC with a single file API uploaded to your servers...

Upload millions of vidos every month in FLV or MP4 HD formats perfect for mobile video sites...

Wash your hands with manual video uploads, speed up the proccess with mass automated uploads...

No other video uploading service has made it easier for their clients to connect websites from many of the top named video scripts & community platforms allowing them to mass embed or mass upload taking out all the manual labour, hours spent at the PC uploading & all the time needed to source video files for their sites. VideoSWIPER is just about the coolest video application online for mass submitting videos to your websites either semi automated or fully automated using the drip feeding service. We have been helping customers grow their video websites since 2008 & have provided some of the most popular automated video upload software utilities found anywhere online. We can provide billions of videos in either FLV or MP4 HD which are now more popular for those scripts which have mobile capability.

Unique ultra fast uploading servers with multi threading...

VideoSWIPER not only provides the most videos online for uploading or embedding to your websites but our super high speed servers are connected to our new multi threaded uploaders, this means that as long as your server is powerful enough to use them you should be able to crank up the speed of uploading to 10X faster uploads.

It works by splitting the files or the data into seperate peices the higher the threads you select, the more the video & data is split & sent to your server. What this means for you is that videos that were maybe 100MB in size can be reduced to 10 X 10MB in size uploading the sections in different threads. Of course you don't see any of this as it's behind the beast but you will see the difference when it comes to mass uploading large file sizes to your servers ready for video playback through your video scripts..

Mass upload or mass embed or even do both, the choice is yours...

We also know that not all video webmasters want to hyke up their monthly server bills by storing video files on their servers so we also offer a very popular mass embedding option which is identical to uploading other than embed codes with thumbnails are transferred rather than physical video files, this is easier on resources for many webmasters with smaller servers who still want to build huge video websites.

Whatever type of media your looking for & whatever types of speeds you wish to work with each day by using the VideoSWIPER automated video upload service we can & will help you grow your video websites faster & far bigger than those who are dependant on manual uploading.

You can use our video application with all the scripts listed below...