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The Online Video Submission Wizard

The video submitter service that takes the hard work out of uploading videos...

Fed up of manually uploading videos to your websites then start using the net's most powerful online video submission application to mass upload videos to your sites without having to lift a finger or manually upload or embed a single video.

Lightning Fast, Powerful, Extremely Easy to Use System


Very simple one step installation of our API uploaded to your server will have your sites setup in no time at all ready to start receiving videos from our system.


Search our powerful database of 1.5 billion cached videos or use the 50 built in video search engines to source the videos you need for your niche or target.


Use our lightning fast mass submitter engine to load videos faster than you ever thought possible, uploading 1000's videos an hour direct to any of your websites.

Over 1.5 billion ready to use videos

Over 1.5 billion ready to use videos

We have a staggering 1.5 billion videos in our database for you to mass upload to your websites, never run short of video content our database is updated daily.

An additional 50 search engines

An additional 50 search engines

On top of having a huge cached database of videos we also offer up to 50 different video search engines also included for you to search, save and submit to your websites.

Mass upload 1000's of videos

Mass upload 1000's of videos

You can now forget manually uploading videos to your websites as videoswiper will automatically upload 1000's of videos an hour building your sites bigger than ever.

Submit videos to multiple websites

Submit videos to multiple websites

Running more than one video site at the same time? No problem, videoswiper allows you to connect multiple websites & mass submit to those sites at the same time.

Meta editing tools & content spinner

Meta editing tools & content spinner

Need unique content for your sites? we can offer you a full meta editing suite as well as a powerful content spinning engine so all your video uploads are unique.

Other great application tools included

Other great application tools included

Copy & paste video links into the system & we will convert them to full videos ready for submission to your sites, use the browser widget to grab videos online.

heres what you get with videoswiper

Videoswiper software boxes

VideoSWIPER The fully automated video submission software

  • We have over 1.5 billion ready to use videos in our database

  • An additional 50 video search engines are included for full search

  • Mass upload 1000's of videos everyday without manual uploading

  • Submit multiple videos to multiple websites & user accounts at the same time

  • Bulk embed videos 1000's per hour using the multi-threaded system

  • Full youtube uploader, mass upload videos to your youtube channels

  • Meta editing tools allow you to change titles, descriptions & tags

  • Content spinning engine allows you to create unique valid content

  • Use the powerful widgets to swipe videos right into your account

  • Dedicated WHIZZ support team for technical & customer support 24/7

Includes YouTube Uploader Mass youtube channel uploader

There is a huge amount of free traffic available from youtube & it's really very easy to tap into once you know what your doing, our youtube video upload software makes it really easy to get started & you should be able to start submitting videos to your youtube channels within 5 minutes of setting this up on your server, imagine having access to millions of videos from so many different video search engines you will never run short of content to re-upload to youtube by using our service.

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here what people are saying about videoswiper

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Dante Emmald

I am not a big fan of subscription services, I like to buy my software and simply know I own it, however videoswiper is a really useful tool and i have come back time and time again to this video application because simply put "It Works" my websites have grown much larger than I would have been able to do on my own or even with some software, I have not been able to find anything online that matches this application for features, functions & performance.

female avatar
Alison Redding

More, More, More thats all i can say, I love this video software, really this software delivers just what is says on the tin a whole heap of fresh new videos daily for my website and im using the automated system so i dont even have to login daily to do any tasks, I never give reviews normally even with an insentive but this software has to be the best video submission tool on the planet, Yes I would recommend you use this.

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Robert Lanjge

I was more than pleased when videoswiper helped me populate my clipbucket websites from a few hundred videos to over 10,000 in just two weeks, fantastic software. This is one of those applications you bump into when surfing the web then wish you had found it years ago when you were uploading videos by hand everyday.

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Ilia Tslaf

Videoswiper did a great job. They listened and understood our needs and they help out to develop a plugin for our custom video script . The quality of the service exceeded my expectations. Videoswiper is a very reliable system and the support is excellent, it was a pleasure to work with the Videoswiper team and I'll continue to use Videoswiper service in the future. Highly Recommended!

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