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Download our API's for your scripts, single file upload to connect to VideoSWIPER. No coding knowledge required simply upload our API to your server & start submitting videos.

  • Free Video Script

    WPOven Video Themes

    WPOven provides many themes and plugins which are compatible with Videoswiper.Create Wordpress based tube sites quickly with WPOven and Videoswiper.Basic plan is freefor Videoswiper users.

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  • Adult Video Press

    Adult Video Press

    Adult video press is essentially a video theme for the popular wordpress script, once installed you will be able to use this theme as either an adult video site, a blog or both as we have split this adult video theme into videos and blog posts.

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  • Daily Motion Uploader

    Daily Motion Uploader

    Use VideoSwiper together with our Daily Motion uploading script & add unlimited CLONED videos from our databases directly to your own Daily Motion accounts, drop in your LINK so you get free traffic to your websites!

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  • YouTube Uploader

    YouTube Uploader

    Use VideoSwiper together with our YouTube uploading script & add unlimited CLONED videos from our databases directly to your own YouTube accounts, drop in your LINK so you get free traffic to your websites!

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  • PHPVIbe


    The modern choice for your next video community, PHPVibe, takes care of the many needs your video project will challenge you with!

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  • Kernel Video Sharing

    Kernel Video Sharing

    Kernel Video Sharing is a pro level video content management and community site engine. With KVS, you can launch video-based sites of virtually any kind: tubes, tube site networks, youtube clones!

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  • Adult Script Pro

    Adult Script Pro

    Adult Script Pro is a powerful adult video tube script with a extensive list of features that every professional Adult Tube site needs! Unlike other Adult tube scripts, our main goals are to make sure you will monetize your site!

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  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Both Social Media V1.6 & Social Media V2 are supported as well as Simple Media from Media Scripts. One of the very best and most professional paid video sharing community scripts available.

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  • VBTube


    vBTubePRO is a Content Management System for Media Contents. A Basic Framework for creating a Website similar to YouTube fully integrated in your vBulletin Board. Dream to build your own profitable Video Community.

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  • Boonex Dolphin

    Boonex Dolphin

    open-source, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, independent and free software package for building social networks, dating sites and niche communities, Dolphin script is very powerful.

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  • PHP Fox

    PHP Fox

    phpFox is a featured packed social networking solution. Our goal is to provide your community with features found on major social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. phpFox is built on a platform that gives you full control.

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  • PHPMotion


    PHPmotion is a free video sharing software that also has support for other types of media such as audio/mp3 sharing. Create and run your own Video Sharing website, this is a good choice as it has many plugins and themes.

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  • VShare


    VShare YouTube Clone is a PHP/MySQL script that allow you to run successful video sharing portal like, DailyMotion, Google Video, etc, solid script been around for 5 years and widely used.

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  • ClipShare


    With a huge variety of features and options, at an extremely affordable price, ClipShare is the ultimate script for starting your highly profitable video sharing community just like the big boys, over priced & not updated often enough

    Download API

  • Rayzz


    Agriya's original approach to video sharing, is now stuffed full with even more exciting features for webmasters to enjoy! High quality video broadcasting combined with social networking and community features

    Download API

  • WordPress


    WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time, this makes a great platform for hosting videos.

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  • AdultWatch


    AdultWatch is a complete adult video sharing script. Everything you need is already included. Hang with the big boys like youporn, redtube, pornhub, porntube and maxporn, good video script and updated with new plugins.

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  • Clip Bucket

    Clip Bucket

    ClipBucket is an OpenSource & Free Video Sharing Script with enormous features. Highly efficient Admistration Panel and User friendly interface. It has all those features that a video sharing websit like Youtube & Metacafe has.

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  • Media Share

    Media Share

    Using our Flexible, Powerful and Reliable media sharing & hosting platform, you can now turn your brilliant ideas into highly profitable Web 2.0 websites, this is a very clean and well designed video script.

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  • Clip House

    Clip House

    Start your own YouTube clone with DZOIC ClipHouse! Packed full of the best video site features, ClipHouse is your complete solution for creating your own profitable video site, or integrating into your existing website

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  • Adult Video Script(AVS)

    Adult Video Script(AVS)

    Using our Flexible, Powerful and Reliable video / gallery / game sharing & hosting platform, you can now easily create highly profitable adult websites, restricted to 32,000 videos in its sql database as reported by its users.

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  • Joomla HWD Media Share

    Joomla HWD Media Share

    Welcome to hwdMediaShare, a media software suite for the Joomla CMS. We aim to enable Joomla webmasters to easily create media-rich online communities. Use hwdMediaShare to give your website users a dynamic experience

    Download API

  • Hand Shakes

    Hand Shakes

    Social networking software at its best! If you dream to start your own profitable social networking website like myspace, facebook, friendster, hoverspot, and others, look no further. DZOIC Handshakes is your complete solution

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  • MediaXxx


    MediaXxx is a media sharing script that allows users to share videos, photo albums and blogs. This pornhub clone script has a similar design and functionality to pornhub, and is loaded with Ajax features.

    Download API

  • Social Engine

    Social Engine

    SocialEngine is a feature-rich white label social networking application built to support almost any concept. The stable platform is designed to give you the flexibility to implement your own unique features and layout

    Download API

  • PHPMelody


    PHPMelody is a complete video sharing script. Everything you need is already included in this script for creating great miusci driven video websites. PHP Melody 1.6.5 is the latest release of the popular Video CMS.

    Download API

  • Predator CMS

    Predator CMS

    Predator is used by large websites that need a powerful system to manage their long list of trade relationships, links and deep content libraries.

    Download API

  • Jom Social

    Jom Social

    JomSocial is a Joomla-based platform for building social networks and community websites with collaboration tools, Facebook-like features and more.

    Download API

  • HD VideoShare

    HD VideoShare

    HD Video Share is an extension for Joomla CMS. This extension was developed to enable the Joomla websites to start converting it into a video sharing website.

    Download API

  • Chameleon Dating Script

    Chameleon Dating Script

    Chameleon is a dating software script with some big ideas, well advanced from many other dating script Chameleon includes many high end social features.

    Download API

  • ViMP Video CMS

    ViMP Video CMS

    ViMP 2.5 is the high-end Video CMS for standalone Video Platforms, WebTV solutions and Video Communites. ViMP contains numerous Social Media extention.

    Download API