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VideoSwiper is designed to be used by video webmasters running media sharing community scripts to populate and build mass content on their sites. You need to be running one of the video sharing scripts or blog & CMS scripts listed ion the plugin's page to be able to use the system, not all video scripts are supported at this present time.

This is a good question, some shared hosts are more flexible than others when it comes to php settings as videoswiper does require you to have a few settings tweaked on your server to get full use out of our system. We recommend really that you either have a good cloud hosting which allows you to change php settings or that you use a more professional VPS or dedicated server which is best with our application due to heavy resources on your server caused by bulk multiple uploading.

VideoSwiper registration is free, you can test drive the system without commitment to our service as we give you 10 free video swipes to get you started. To have access to use the entire system and all the tools you simply purchase our monthly subscription plan which allows you to manipulate videos and send them directly to your website. Monthly subscription to our service is charged at $29.95 month for 500,000 video transfers and a max of five sites added, we also offer a full premium subscription which allows for unlimited sites to be added, full drip feeding and unlimited transfers a month, all subscriptions are chargable through PayPal our payment gateway.

We cannot support every video script that is released as there are simply too many, however we will be adding more script plugin's depending on what scripts available on the net appear to be popular. You can also e mail us through our contact page to tell us about a video script you are using and we may then include it. VideoSwiper members can also request a plugin be made unique to them and their website, this service is charged at between $400 & $600 for personal plugins.

One of the most powerful aspects of VideoSwiper is it's speed, once you have selected the videos you want to swipe and have made any edits to your selection simply go to your video cart and click upload! That's it your videos will be sent almost instantly with a progress bar to show the video's been posted. Remember that the speed of your server plays a role in this and if your server is not fast enough then video transfers will be slowed down. Typical uploads of FLV and MP4 videos are done at a rate of 300 per hour and mass embedded videos at a rate of 5000 an hour.

VideoSwiper has already accumilated over 2.5 billion videos in it's database and this number is climbing by thousands more everyday, all members have full access to these 2.5 billion videos along with up to 50 more built in video search engines, this allows members to search extremely deep and find whatever content they might be looking for.

VideoSwiper offers two levels of subscription, level one is our standard subscription which is for video webmasters running either one or a few small video sites, the standard package includes a 5 site limit and one million video transfers a month. The premium package comes with no limitations, you can add unlimited websites, unlimited accounts, swipe unlimited videos monthly and have access to our 24/7 live customer care center.

Absolutely yes, all the videos you search, save and send to your websites are yours to keep, you are paying for the service and not the videos so all content belongs to you once its been transferred to your websites, please see our copyright information found in this faq about what is deemed as yours and what is deemed as copyright content.

VideoSwiper is a very powerful video application & you will be required to be running a server that can handle this, we strongly recommend not using cheap shared servers which are more likely to suspend your accounts but in our experience this has only happened on the odd occassion. Using a good VPS or dedicated server with VideoSwiper is the best possible choice.

Absolutely not, security is our number one priority, VideoSwiper uses an API file which you upload to your server, this file allows you to connect to our application through your websites frontend user accounts so you never need to give us admin usernames & passwords, we don't require your cpanel login & we don't require ftp access to provide content to your websites. The connection is made by you creating user accounts on your websites script like a normal member account & VideoSwiper uses this default account to login to your site.

Currently you can pay by all major credit & debit cards through secure payment gateway PayPal or you may also pay using PayPal funds worldwide, please note all payments are verified & use IPN, we do not except e checks or any form of non instant payment. All credit card payments are encrypted and we do not store your credit card detals on our servers. We may have added new payment gateways to our system since the time of writting this page so please do signup free & check our subscriptions page for more details on which payment gateways are supported.

Yes absolutely, VideoSwiper uses only sites API systems for its searches and never scrapes for content. All sites using an API have given consent for their content to be shared, we will not show results from any video site that has expressed for their content to be kept private. VideoSwiper is really safe to use because at no time do we require any of your admin login details, your server details or your SQL details. We encourage you to use generic accounts on your sites to plug into VideoSwipers dashboard, this way you can at anytime delete those accounts leaving no live data in your account with us.

VideoSwiper is a mediem between you and the video servers & has no part in monitoring or executing copyright laws for any of the videos we allow you to search, it is down to you the webmaster to take precutions & the appropriate action when it comes to making a desicion to whether you feel the content you are swiping is copyright protected in some way, requires permission from the owner or otherwise.

We don't provide any refunds for this exclusive service as it is not a tangible product that can be shipped or a digital product that can be downloaded. But you are free to cancel your membership anytime in order to avoid being billed in the future.

VideoSwiper has a strict no refunds policy unless our technical team are unable to get your websites to work with our application, at that point we will offer a full refund for your subscription. Please make sure you read the website properly & check that your script is supported with our application before making payments as we cannot refund you once you have subscribed.

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