Video Application Overview

Below is a quick overview of our video application.

More of our clients are now tapping into our multi threaded video transfer service sending videos to servers up to 10X faster, there is no other video submission service with the same high quality tools & apps for bulk video uploading.

Choosing to use our service should be your next step!

VideoSwiper is built on an extremely powerful php platform & behind the site are some explosive video applications, on top of that we make sure our system is running on the very best dedicated servers working hard 24/7 to make sure you get a constant flow or laser targeted video content delivered on autopilot directly to your own video servers without you having to download a single video file manually.

If you know how to upload a file to your server then you are already 90% through the process of setting up videoswiper to work on your server, once you register with us you simply download the API file required for your server that matches the script your using, whether it be social media, clip bucket, php motion, vshare, adult video script or any of the other scripts we support, you then create a web account within your videoswiper members area that connects your website to our application through the API file.

This is by far the most secure and fastest way to get started as videoswiper never requires any admin usernames or passwords from you and never needs to login to your server or sql databases as the complete API system works by entering your website as a member and uploads all the videos by bulk as that member or members if you choose to create multiple web accounts for the same website.

We can solve the issue's faced when uploading videos one by one to your servers!

Forget manual labour forever as videoswiper will bypass the mind numbing work of manual uploading and downloading as the system does all the hard work for you, you can sit back, search content easily and super fast, then add it to your library ready for submission to your website. VideoSwiper allows for mass uploading whether your embedding or using direct server transfer either way you will recieve up to 300 FLV or MP4 HD videos to your website an hour or up to 5000 embedded videos, the days of manually adding content to any of your video websites has gone & using this method will grow your sites faster than you thought possible.

Simple, easy methods to encourage your members to upload videos to your sites!

Proven methods of encouraging your members to upload videos is to cheat a little & lets face it you put in enough hard work designing your site, offering your visitors the market they are looking for and your giving the web a service of viewing videos online so why not chew a little fat & get your members feeling a BUZZ about your site & before long we guarantee they will be uploading more videos that you can count on fingers & toes. OK how you ask? well the method most members of videoswiper use to reach this goal is to setup 10 or even 20 web accounts for the same website then mass transfer videos using a mix of those member accounts daily, this then looks to your vistors and real members that there is a real BUZZ around your site & they will follow by adding video themselves, this is a proven method and many of our success stories have come from sites that put this into practice.

Getting the search engines to see interest in your site is not that difficult!

Content is king & it always has been, Google will come back & crawl your website more often if when it does visit you have more new fresh content for their spiders, because there are so many new video websites lauched onto the Internet each day you have to work much harder now to stay one step ahead. Grabbing bulk amounts of video content & doing daily submissions from our application to your website will build authority for your site and you will soon see your ranking improve & more of your sites pages getting indexed.

Video content is our business & it's what we do best!

You will never run short of fresh new targeted video content for your websites when using our application, not only do we already hve over 800 million videos cached in our database but every new search made by members add's more content to this number so it's growing all day, everyday. We also use up to 50 of the Internet's top video search engine websites so you can grab as much content from those sites too, this allows you total freedom to create, build & grow very large video communities.

Use our powerful remixing tools & spinning engines for better seo!

Adding videos by bulk is one thing but making sure your not just mass ulpoading duplicate content is another, videoswiper allows you to use a set of tools within the application that can help resolve the duplicate content issues. With full titles & descriptions remixer and add/edit/replace meta plus our new spinning engine you can make all your video submissions unique before uploading them to your websites, if some videos saved don't have any keywords or tags then don't worry about that either as videoswiper will replace empty fields with tags used by other members.