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We have received many great reviews since launching back in 2008, we thank everyone who has taken the time to contact the site with their views, reviews & comments, we have featured a few of these testimonials below.

I am not a big fan of subscription services, I like to buy my software and simply know I own it, however videoswiper is a really useful tool and i have come back time and time again to this video application because simply put "It Works" my websites have grown much larger than I would have been able to do on my own or even with some software, I have not been able to find anything online that matches this application for features, functions & performance.

Dante Emmald 

I just joined videoswiper 3 months ago and planned on using the application for a month or so, however i have seen a huge jump in traffic and rankings since using videoswiper so decided to continue using it for for some time longer, i will monitor how things go but so far its looking great.

Ali Mohamdi 

More, More, More thats all i can say, I love this video software, really this software delivers just what is says on the tin a whole heap of fresh new videos daily for my website and im using the automated system so i dont even have to login daily to do any tasks, I never give reviews normally even with an insentive but this software has to be the best video submission tool on the planet, Yes I would recommend you use this.

Alison Redding 

I was more than pleased when videoswiper helped me populate my clipbucket websites from a few hundred videos to over 10,000 in just two weeks, fantastic software. This is one of those applications you bump into when surfing the web then wish you had found it years ago when you were uploading videos by hand everyday.

Robert Lanjge 

I am using VideoSwiper to add videos about: Music, Movies, Cooking... VideoSwiper rocks! It integrates perfectly into the community features of Jomsocial and site members love it: fresh videos every day. Since I started using VideoSwiper, my search engines rankings have improved and my traffic doubled. I highly recommend it!

Jean-Marie CHAUVEL 

First thing, it was easy to set up! And it works like magic. Actually it is magic. We were able to find the best and most relevant videos for each country in no time, from all platforms, and sent all to site with a push of a button. Really, I must thank you guys for being such genius and making our work seamless, and for making us look so good and competent to our audience. You are great! Thank you. We appreciate you for making a product that works well and meet all expectations without flaws. I have been using Videoswiper for over 1+ year with no maintenance problems.

Wale Idris 

Videoswiper did a great job. They listened and understood our needs and they help out to develop a plugin for our custom video script . The quality of the service exceeded my expectations. Videoswiper is a very reliable system and the support is excellent, it was a pleasure to work with the Videoswiper team and I'll continue to use Videoswiper service in the future. Highly Recommended!

Ilia Tslaf 

Thanks... Your video service help me to launch four successful video sites. N-V-N.Com (News-Video-Network) is current growing with members and web traffic ranking. Your service made look like a four year long standing website in 5 minutes. I highly recommend VideoSwiper services to anyone starting a video sharing website.

Preston C. Bell, Ph.D 

We have a video processing site using Google Earth and a social network. We are getting feedback from our registered users about how cool it is to have the different categories of videos available so promptly upon viewing the site. Videoswiper has allowed us to have an orderly display of content that is relevant for our users. Kudos to the Videoswiper team!

Stephen Schubert 

Its not very often I come a cross something that i really need to use over and over again but with running video websites the need for new content is always there, with new users registering at my site daily i need fresh new videos to keep them coming back and watching my videos. Videoswiper really hits the mark as i can upload as many new videos to my websites as i want daily without worrying about content on my site anymore. Videoswiper really does make life easier if your a video webmaster & yes i would recommend this service.


This is the first time I have contacted a developer to say great job on a website or application I use, video-swiper has had me hooked since joining 3 months ago & I have spend alot of time getting the perfect content for my sites which I would not of been able to do without using this application, Many thanks guys.

Chris Eversham 

I have been dreaming of an application like this!!! : You have provided something that is simple & addictive to use. It's like having 10 outsource staff uploading videos day & night. I have connected all my sites & uploaded tons of videos since last week & im already getting more traffic. WOW & super thanks.

Jean Bueller 

Congratulations on providing a service so many of us need, im running 3 video sites & plan to add more now videoswiper does all the uploading for me, great work & top support. I never thought I would see the day when I found an application that does everything other than register at my sites.

Nathan Grenich 

The guys at videoswiper setup my sites as I was clueless, worked on my server to make sure all the settings were correct, got all the kinks ironed out & they gave me a free month for the time I hade lost while my site wasn't working, now that's what I call top customer service, thank you so much again for all your assistance.

Johnothan Edwards 

When I was asked to try this for free in return for a review I wasn't sure what they wanted me to say, however after using it for a little over 2 weeks I didn't need to know, this application will save you hours of time everyday, you can schedule your uploads, fully automate the submissions to as many user accounts on your websites as you want & when using their automated system all duplicated videos are filtered out so you don't return to your site in the morning to find a ton of duplicates. Great product, great team & yes I did upgrade after my free trial was over.

Jack B