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More of our clients are now tapping into our multi threaded video transfer service sending videos to servers up to 10X faster, there is no other video submission service with the same high quality tools & apps for bulk video uploading.

What type of video application we provide our clients

VideoSwiper provides videos for webmasters running video scripts like clip bucket, clip share, vshare, phpmotion, social media, adult video script, phpfox, social engine and many more. Our services include giving the webmaster access to a database of over 2.5 billion videos & up to 50 top video search engines. The webmaster can search & swipe any videos found on any of the search engines or simply use the huge database we already have collated. All paid members have complete access to all videos & can swipe content in huge amounts 1000's at a time to be submitted to their own video script websites.

Makes easy work of uploading tasks that would take hours

The biggest problem faced by video webmasters is finding the time required to manually upload videos to their websites, this problem is probably effecting you too! VideoSwiper gets round this problem by automating the video downloading & uploading tasks leaving you more spare time to do the things you like. Our search, save, submit three step system allows you to bulk upload videos to your video script websites without ever having to first download the videos, our video application then takes care of all the uploading too so your not at the PC all day manually uploading videos one by one to your servers.

Powerful meta editing tools for better search engine ranking

You can take full advantage of the included video editing area, this allows for all videos added to their folders for transfer to be modified, we know the importance of unique content for the search engines especially now with Google's panda update which is slapping huge penalties on sites with nothing more than duplicated content. Edit titles, descriptions & tags, also included content spinning for titles & descriptions for an even more unique output. Sometimes tags are missing from videos & adding tags by hand can take hours, we have that covered too with our tags generator which analyzes your videos then uses a powerful algorithm to add tags to the videos.

Drip feeding scheduler makes light work of uploading

Making content delivery as easy as possible was one of the most requested features for the application so we added the completely hands free drip feeding automation system. Premium members can enjoy making full use of sending bulk amounts of videos directly to their video script websites on autopilot using our over night video transfer automation scheduler. Simple to setup, automation will search fresh new videos from keywords you input using the search engines you have selected for over night drip feeding, complete control over what sites videos are sent to, what accounts are used, what categories videos are delivered to & how many videos per night to transfer.

Extra tools & apps for supporting all your transfer needs

We include other video related tools & apps which will come in handy for populating your video websites. Included is a very powerful toolbar widget which allows you to swipe videos directly from the net without having to use your VideoSwiper account. These swiped videos are added to your account automatically ready for transfer to your sites. Included is copy & paste for you to add video url's from the net, paste in the video url's & VideoSwiper will extract the videos & add them to your account ready for transfer. Also included YouTube cloning which allows you to clone any video & re-upload it to your YouTube accounts with your link embedded in the video descriptions.