There is a huge amount of free traffic available from youtube & it's really very easy to tap into once you know what your doing, our youtube video upload software makes it really easy to get started & you should be able to start submitting videos to your youtube channels within 5 minutes of setting this up on your server, imagine having access to millions of videos from so many different video search engines.

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You will need a videoswiper subscription to grab videos from our free youtube video upload script

The importance of using Youtube

You may be an internet marketer or a video marketer or just a video webmaster trying to create more free traffic from youtube by uploading videos and dropping in your money site links into the description fields.

Like many others though you might be finding that without using a youtube video upload software this is not so easy to do as manually uploading videos to youtube all day long simply takes too much time without much ROI for your products or services.

If you are totally fed up of uploading videos to youtube one by one from your PC or hard drives and you want something bigger and better that can take this task away from you giving you extra time to do other things & at the same time do this for you automatically hands free then you need to start using our youtube video upload software, too much hard work makes Jack a dull boy.

BUT! we have the solution & our youtube video upload software beats hands down any other youtube uploader online regardless of whether it's an application or desktop software. Our youtube video upload software is in the form of a script which you need to upload to your server, this is a simple script which in effect is actually an API so you can make a connection to the videoswiper service to grab your videos for uploading to youtube.

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